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Calling All Writers for Guest Posts

Want to contribute an article to The Homeschool H.A.I.R Newsletter? We’d be happy to consider your work!

Please take a look at the content on our site to familiarize yourself with the tone and voice. This link will lead you to past Homeschool H.A.I.R articles.

Then read the guidelines below to find out how to best send your materials.

Please write an original piece which is specifically for the Homeschool Concierge audience. All articles must be a minimum of 1000 words and may be edited for length and clarity.

Send your article via Word, GoogleDoc or paste it into an email. Include a short bio (2-4 sentences) and a headshot. Also, please indicate whether your article has been published elsewhere.

We currently do not have a budget to pay writers. However, we will do our best to share your work via our blog, newsletter and on Facebook.


Email your materials to Due to the volume of content we receive and our volunteer staff capacity, it may take two weeks to hear a response from us.


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