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Studio City Martial Arts - Studio City, CA

At Studio City Martial Arts, they are committed to providing a safe and fun learning environment for all students. Their supportive and friendly Dojo community sets the foundation for all students to thrive. The Junior Tai-Jutsu program introduces children to the art of Ten-Chi-Wa Tai-Jutsu, a traditional Japanese martial art founded in the ways of the Samurai and Ninja. Tai-Jutsu is considered an original mixed martial art that is based in Karate and Ju-Jutsu, with elements resembling Aikido and Judo.

The art is based on natural body movement, emphasizing balance and awareness. Students learn how to defend themselves through efficient and effective movement, blocking, striking, rolling, falling, and body manipulation through unbalancing. Students learn self-defense techniques to help protect themselves in various situations. Through diligent training, students develop and enhance focus, awareness, coordination, confidence, patience, frequent partner work.

To keep their partners and themselves safe, students learn to train in a slow controlled manner. As each child progresses through the ranks, they learn to set goals, monitor, and discipline. Students practice cooperation, communication, and respect for others through their own progress, and maintain the focus and perseverance necessary to achieve a Black Belt.

Their Little Ninjas class, for students between 5 and 7 years old, prepares students with a foundation in self-defense and discipline. These classes incorporate fun with a blend of movement, respect, confidence, and awareness.

Their Junior Tai-Jutsu class for students between 8 and 13 years old, continues to build on respect and responsibility. Students learn to strengthen their minds and bodies as they grow as individuals and leaders.

Their Teen class is for students 13 to 18 years old. Students are challenged to train at a higher level of commitment, focus, and discipline. Real-life self-defense scenarios are explored. Advanced students are invited to enroll in Sword class where they learn the traditional Japanese sword art of the Samurai.

Students learn solo and partner techniques to promote control, attention to detail, and awareness. They take great pride in challenging students to achieve excellence in their training and throughout their lives. Their curriculum supports and encourages individual development and will help each child grow to be a positive and successful part of society.

At Studio City Martial Arts, they do not spar or hold competition tournaments. Unnecessary contact is discouraged, and they do not believe in the glorification of fighting. At their Dojo, they do not train for trophies, but rather to protect themselves and develop a strong sense of self.

For more information please contact at Studio City Martial Arts.

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