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Guitar Lessons - Hemet Area, CA (no website, contact to verify information)

Guitar lessons for beginners, intermediate and advanced players!

Keith offers professional personalized guitar instruction in the Inland Empire. In your home or at my home studio.

I will start you out with the absolute basics and build from there at your own pace. I will have you playing a song at your first lesson though! I will teach you : * How to have fun practicing! * The basics of guitar * Music theory * Fret board Logic * Strumming Techniques * Chords * Scales/Modes/Exercises * "Must have" blues, rock and country licks/riffs * Songs and Song Writing * Advanced chord charts and guitar tablature * Styles - blues, rock, country and everything in between * How to play fast - hammer ons, pull offs, sweep picking * Equipment knowledge and tips * And Much More! Feel free to contact me today and we will discuss your guitar playing goals and appointment times! I look forward to hearing from you!

For more information please contact Keith Wood,,

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