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Piano Play Music Systems - Sherman Oaks, CA (cannot get website to load, tried 8x - Move to CLOSED)

Here at Piano Play Music Systems we understand how important it is for a child to access a whole world of experiences, unlimited by our developed belief that 'not everyone is musical. We believe that all children are born with music in their very soul - and we are on a mission to prove it! We specialize in group and private piano lessons for kids of all ages. We even go as far as inviting parent's along to participate and help their children make the most of their successes!

What makes us different: Unlike most of our competitors, we start children’s music lessons as young as 19 months old - a factor that helps us to develop musically gifted children from a very young age while simultaneously setting us apart from our competitors. Children of similar ages and skills are placed in programs of small class sizes with parental support. Parents and guardians participate in all aspects of the class to create a fun learning environment where there are no tears! Our effective weekly music lessons incorporate skills such as: ear training, note reading, keyboard playing, singing, and music theory. These important skills help shape our students to become a complete and confident musician that knows how to move to a beat and how to create some beats of their own! Best of all, when adults join in the child’s music lessons, it makes it an endearing musical experience for the child. This natural bonding creates long and lasting memories that will stay with your child forever! Why teach piano lessons to children so young?: Piano Play Music Systems maintains its teaching model to spiritually inspire and transform lives through a caring environment that provides an enriching musical experience - by giving piano lessons for children! We focus on nurturing the musical ability every child is born with, shaping it and carefully encouraging it until they are of an age to pick up an instrument. Piano Play focuses on the nurturing effect of its teaching methodology, music books and products. This insightful tool has helped to make us one of the largest Southern California privately owned music schools. Established in 1987 and with headquarters in both Sherman Oaks and Pasadena; we currently teach group and private music lessons to more than 300 children on a weekly basis. We have thirteen age-determined and skill- level group programs that range from 45 to 75 minutes that you can choose to participate in. Private lessons in piano, guitar, and voice. At Piano Play’s our goal is to offer a welcoming, inclusive program that is adaptable enough to meet the needs of every individual in the program.

For more information call us (818) 789-6110 or email us at

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