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Earth Skills Kids in Nature Program - Frazier Park, CA (program on hold 2020 - CLOSED)

A deep connection with Nature, emphasizing respect, adventure, and exploration, underlies an eight-session program offered in the spring of 2019 in the Frazier Park area.

Earth Skills will show your student the local plants and wildlife as we learn techniques of observation and quietness as well as principles of wilderness safety. We will identify plants, grind acorns, prepare wild edible foods, track animals and learn how and where they travel, interpret animal signs, practice stalking and camouflage, make cordage and baskets, and learn primitive fire-making skills.

There will be a theme for each two-hour session and we will meet at various locations in the Frazier Park area. Students from K through 12 are welcome and the instructors will accommodate the learning needs of different ages.

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