Jiu Jitsu for Homeschoolers - Lomita, CA

Come learn Gracie Brazilian jiu-jitsu from a World Renowned school! Jiu-Jitsu is about self-defense and the best way to defend your self is to stop an attack from happening. Our program teaches students simple strategies and basic verbal techniques that are always the 1st step of conflict resolution. These strategies raise their awareness of dangerous situations and the dialogues help their social skills. Students at our academy will also learn how to use leverage to stop an attack and to control an attacker. Contact us now for your free private intro lesson!

Our Youth Program was made so that kids with different personalities and athletic abilities can all learn! We have 4 different class groups, separated according to age and maturity level. This allows the kids to learn verbal and physical techniques that apply to physical attacks and verbal dialog of their age group. It also allows us to teach them leadership by being the oldest in one class, then teach them to take on new challenges when we graduate them to the next class and they become the youngest in their new group.

Contact Us: Phone- (424)-250-0111 E-mail- info@cjjusa.com Website- www.cjjusa.com

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