Tutoring - Rocklin, CA

October 20, 2018

Nicole Miller offers tutoring services for intervention reading and math.  As an 11 year veteran special education teacher, she has helped hundreds of students increase their ability to read, comprehend, and understand arithmetic.  Nicole specializes in reading intervention, specifically decoding (ability to sound out and read words), for grade level content in K-5 using a research based, direct instruction, multidisciplinary approach to reading instruction. 


Informal reading assessments will determine the reading level of the child, and a custom lesson is designed to teach your child exactly what he or she needs to learn to become more proficient at reading.  Materials are sent home to review the skills learned with your child to ensure acquisition of new skills.  Nicole can also assist in developing effective academic IEP goals.


For more informatrion please contact Nicole Miller, nicole@spedsa.com.


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