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GlobalU: Game Based Entrepreneurship Program - Online

GlobalU is a 21st-century skills and entrepreneurship game-based learning program.

We’ve taken the gameplay mechanics of the world's greatest games such as Minecraft and Fortnite and created a learning version of those games that motivate kids to learn while they earn.

What do the Kids Learn?

-Learn how to Create Wealth

-Learn how to be Healthy

-Learn good Character

-Connect family generations and leverage their life experience – adults to kids and kids to adults

-Learn to Serve

-Learn the “better way” of doing things, i.e. the “new Entrepreneurship”, 21st-century financial literacy

-Earn certificates from US post-secondary institutions

-Learn critical 21st-century skills

-Learn to Lead

-Connect kids with other kids around the world and learn Cultural Understanding, English, and other languages

-Kids can compete in many different global competitions

-Create a global network of peers and learn about different cultures

-Create opportunities to earn real money in a real business

-Your kids can apply what they are learning in school in the real world.

For more information please visit their website.

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