GlobalU: Game Based Entrepreneurship Program - Online

GlobalU is a 21st century skills and entrepreneurship game-based learning program that is now available as one of the Inspire School courses in their curriculum ordering system.

We’ve taken the gameplay mechanics of the worlds greatest games such as Minecraft and Fortnite and created a learning version of those games that motivates kids to learn while they earn.

What do the Kids Learn?

-Learn how to Create Wealth

-Learn how to be Healthy

-Learn good Character

-Connect family generations and leverage their life experience – adults to kids and kids to adults

-Learn to Serve

-Learn the “better way” of doing things, i.e. the “new Entrepreneurship”, 21st century financial literacy

-Earn certificates from US post-secondary institutions

-Learn critical 21st century skills

-Learn to Lead

-Connect kids with other kids around the world and learn Cultural Understanding, English and other languages

-Kids can compete in many different global competitions

-Create a global network of peers and learn about different cultures

-Create opportunities to earn real money in a real business

-Your kids can apply what they are learning in school in the real world.

For more information please contact Rebecca Dow,

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