ASTEME: Math STEM Learning Center - Los Angeles, CA & Online

The director and creator of ASTEME, Allan Yu, has worked extensively with many of the private schools on the Westside to help create and develop a unique and dynamic project-based learning curriculum. He is now bringing his expertise in curriculum development to the home school community.

They are excited to be offering full-day programs where students can arrive as early as 8AM and stay until 4PM to take dynamic and exciting STEM classes and socialize with their peers. (please check w/them for updated info to see if they are open for in-person classes)

Our home school programs will focus on developing a strong mathematical foundation while learning math in a STEM-rich environment meeting once or twice per week. Additional assignments may be given to students to complete outside of class time. ASTEME's specially designed home school program will differentiate and individualize the math curriculum to meet the needs of each and every student. ASTEME provides a safe and nurturing space from which to explore the many roads in which math can lead us. Their goal is to inspire children to live, love, and learn math. Students will work in groupings based on age and/or abilities. Focus will be helping students develop an understanding of how math is used in the STEM fields.

Join them as they continue an amazing fun-filled journey exploring math ideas in the Science, Technology & Engineering fields with BRAND NEW ACTIVITIES. Students will learn about Ancient Greek architecture, design and create digital art, explore the different laws of physics, programs robots, and much, much, more!

For more information please contact visit their website for more information.