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Acting Studio - Tehachapi, CA


Hi everyone. Dawnnie Mercado-Genochio here, Owner and Acting Coach for Tehachapi Academy of Dramatic Arts.  My husband and I moved here with our toddler in 2017.  We absolutely love Tehachapi and especially the joy with which the city celebrates family life and seems to have a mission to nurture our youth.  We fully embrace and are actively seeking to be part of that mission.


I’ve been a professional actor since graduating with my Master of Fine Arts in Acting from New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts in 1993.  I also hold a BA in Drama from UC Santa Barbara.  I’m a proud member of AEA/SAG and AFTRA.  More importantly I’ve been teaching and coaching acting even longer. That path began in 1991 when I created and managed a summer drama camp in Pacific Palisades for Parks and Recreation’s Rustic Canyon Recreation Center, which continues to be a success.


I’ve spent many years coaching professional actors for auditions in LA during the years when I had an acting studio in North Hollywood California.  Tehachapi is our forever home, and now it’s time to invest in the next step for our community.  Tehachapi Academy of Dramatic Arts (TADA Acting Studio) is already up and running here in town.  I opened my doors in July of 2018 thanks to the generosity of my friends at Seas The Day Play who have shared their space with me as I await the November/December 2018 completion of my studio located at 301 S. Green Street Suite B, Tehachapi, CA 93561.


We’ve seen firsthand how dramatic and creative play can increase confidence, vocabulary, communication, cooperation, team building skills, creative and critical thinking, and much more at every age from child to adult.  The skills developed to be a successful actor also create a foundation for one to flourish in any chosen field.  Creative, confident beginnings cross all boundaries and last a lifetime. 


Our mission is to be part of that creative growth in any way we can.  You can be part of that mission by supporting our never-ending scholarship fundraising opportunities.  I am excited to offer as many scholarships to students here in Tehachapi as the fundraisers can support.  Wouldn’t it be great for students to grow in their creativity and self-confidence through the arts funded by scholarships? To find out how you can help that dream come true, see all class offerings, and stay up to date follow us on Facebook and check out our Website: https://www.facebook.com/TADAactingstudio/ www.TADAactingstudio.com


Dawnnie Mercado-Genochio, Owner/Acting Coach


For more information please contact Dawnnie Mercado-Genochio, TADAactingstudio@gmail.com.








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