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Piano Lessons - Fountain Valley (no website to verify, contact later, move to CLOSED)

I am available to teach private 30 minute piano lessons in my home on Monday and Friday mornings. I also provide a quiet work space for homeschooling while I teach a lesson. I am currently teaching four students on Wednesday morning with this arrangement and it's working very well! Parents are able to continue their homeschool lessons while I rotate through my student's piano lessons. I have been teaching private piano lessons for 4 years. I was classically taught and have the same approach with my students. I provide a complete foundation of learning to read music, understand music theory and provide at home practice. It is required that you have a piano or full size keyboard in your home for regular practice. Every spring, I host a piano recital which is an excellent time for your child to showcase their progress and achievement in piano!

Please contact Rachel Violanto for more information,

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