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* Closed * Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch Tour - Irvine

October 25, 2017

11:30AM - 2PM

$14 Student/Child (2 and under FREE*)

$7 Adult (No pumpkin or veggie picking)

$14 Adult (Includes pumpkin and veggie picking)

5380 University Drive, Irvine, CA 92612

* Please note: We are actively working to improve our ticket purchase process and you may experience glitches with this sign-up. ​ We will work with families to complete your orders if errors occur. The organizer will need time to sort through any issues, please be patient. Feel free to text Paige if you have an urgent matter.

** If prompted to pay for your self-pay tickets please do so during your registration. This will save so much time later contacting you and asking for the payment confirming your spots.

Come join us for a Pumpkin Patch Tour at Tanaka Farms, a working farm located in the heart of Irvine, Calfornia! Tanaka Farms has been in operation since 1940 and proudly serves their community with a robust Community Supported Agriculture program, providing residents with local produce that is harvested daily on the farm. Our field trip to the farm will include the option for each student to pick vegetables from the farm, in addition to picking a pumpkin from the pumpkin patch (each student must be able to carry their own pumpkin!). Description and Itinerary for the Pumpkin Patch Tour, from the Tanaka Farms Website: The Tanaka Farms Pumpkin Patch tour has been a favorite of children and teachers for almost 20 years. Though we've grown larger, we still offer the same memorable experience year after year. What is the Pumpkin Patch Field Trip (often referred to as the Pumpkin Patch Tour)? The pumpkin patch is technically not a tour in terms of it being the guided tour experience of our strawberry and melon season. This is a completely self-guided tour and you are given an itinerary of activities. The complete itinerary takes about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on group size. The package experience includes: WAGON RIDE: Once everyone has been checked in and stickers put on, the first stop is the Wagon Ride! The wagons run continuously every 10 minutes or so and takes you around our 30 acre farm to see all the pumpkins and crops growing. PETTING ZOO: When the wagon returns, the next stop is the Petting Zoo. There are goats, sheep, even an alpaca or 2 to pet. Make sure to supervise all children to take good care of the animal friends. Hand sanitizing stations are available outside the cages. CORN MAZE: Right next to the zoo is the Corn Maze. Enter the maze and try to find your way to the center and back out. The maze is not too complicated for younger children but definitely makes you feel lost among the cornstalks! U-PICK VEGGIES: After gathering your group out of the maze, head on over to the Vegetable Patch! A friendly Patch helper will pass out bags and tell you all about the vegetables and how to pick them. Each child can take home 4 of each kind of veggie - carrots, radishes, green onions, and cilantro. Included in $14 package only. Extra veggies can be picked and purchased for $2.99 per pound (pay in the Market Stand)

PUMPKIN PATCH: Last stop but certainly not least is picking a pumpkin! Walk on over the pumpkin patch to choose which pumpkin to take home. Flat one, tall one, skinny one...bumpy one? Orange, white, green? Just remember that each child must be able to carry his/her own pumpkin through the Check Out tent AND it must weigh no more than 20 pounds. (Included in the $14 package only.) PRICING NOTE FOR ADULTS: There are two pricing structures offered for adults. The regular Adult reservation is $7.00. This does NOT include a pumpkin or vegetable picking. If an adult wants to pick vegetables or choose a pumpkin, then they will need to choose the Adult Upgrade reservation, which includes a pumpkin (up to 20 lbs) and vegetable picking for the same price as a student, of $14.00 *PRICING NOTE AND INFORMATION FOR TODDLERS: Please note that children ages 2 and under are free. They can join us for free on the wagon ride, the corn maze, and the petting zoo. But if there is a chance they will want to pick vegetables and a pumpkin then you will want to choose a SELF-PAY STUDENT RESERVATION for them (same price of $14 for all students). Also note that the farm requires each person to be able to carry the pumpkin (20 lbs or under) that they choose, including toddlers who want to carry their own pumpkin. ;)

To contact the event organizer click to email or call Paige McKinney,, 949-395-9887


A few important reminders for you before you reserve your family’s tickets:

1) Field trip space is always limited, signing up for a trip is your promise to us and other families that you will attend.

  • Unfortunately no-shows and last minute cancellations don't allow enough time for families who wanted to attend, but ended up on the wait-list, to be able to show up in time for check in.

2) There are no refunds given once the trip closes for registration.

3) If you are planning to pay for the field trip using Instructional Funds please know that they can only be used to pay for up to two (2) adult chaperone tickets max, per Inspire family.

  • 1 Inspire Student in your family attending the trip = 1 total Inspire Chaperone ticket.

  • 2+ Inspire Students in your family attending the trip = 2 total Inspire Chaperone tickets.

  • Any other adults and non Inspire enrolled children planning to attend with you, must pay out of pocket for their space.

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