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* Sold Out * Boxtales Theatre Company - LA

November 3, 2017

10AM - 11:30AM

$5 Students/Adults (Limited to one chaperone per family)

Skirball Cultural Center, 2701 N. Sepulveda Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90049

1st-3rd grade - The award-winning Boxtales Theatre Company presents an original performance drawn from myths, stories, and fairytales from around the world. Students will engage their imaginations and creativity in an immersive storytelling experience that encourages compassion and resourcefulness.

To contact the organizer of this trip click to email or call Nikki Nickila,, 310-463-4221


A few important reminders for you before you reserve your family’s tickets:

1) Field trip space is always limited, signing up for a trip is your promise to us and other families that you will attend.

  • Unfortunately no-shows and last minute cancellations don't allow enough time for families who wanted to attend, but ended up on the wait-list, to be able to show up in time for check in.

2) There are no refunds given once the trip closes for registration.

3) If you are planning to pay for the field trip using Instructional Funds please know that they can only be used to pay for up to two (2) adult chaperone tickets max, per Inspire family.

  • 1 Inspire Student in your family attending the trip = 1 total Inspire Chaperone ticket.

  • 2+ Inspire Students in your family attending the trip = 2 total Inspire Chaperone tickets.

  • Any other adults and non Inspire enrolled children planning to attend with you, must pay out of pocket for their space.

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