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Waterfront Education (outdated information - Inspire Specialty program)

Inspire Specialty Program. Learning on the Ocean.

If your kids are into the ocean and all the creatures that call it home then this is the program for them. Classes meet Tuesdays and Thursdays from September to May. Students learn from discovery leaders that have grown up on the water as well as academic researchers with advanced science degrees. This is as real as it gets. Learning is experienced in the ocean and on our local coastline, when the weather and sea states are good, bad, ugly and downright impossible. Students experience a variety of conditions, while exploring the ocean through various methods - sailing, kayaking, standup paddle boarding, fishing, and coastal hiking. Time in our Marine Innovation Hub is spent teaching engineering methods to help solve marine problems while instilling the importance of protecting our fragile ocean ecosystems. Encouraging creative solutions to oceanic problems while teaching practical building skills lays the foundation for hands on learning in a real world environment. Students develop confidence while exploring in nature's classroom. Team building, problem solving, leadership, situational awareness and just plain getting along with others in the wild is the cornerstone of our program.

For more information, please click to email, Julie Coll or call 310.684.3577

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