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Centered Parenting: What? Why? How? - A Six-Week Workshop (EVENT EXPIRED contact for updated info)

Centered Parenting: What? Why? How? - A Six-Week Workshop Please register on Eventbrite: In this six-week long series Michelle blends the Echo Parenting and Education curriculum with her focus on helping parents work towards self-acceptance as they strive to parent with empathy and unconditional positive regard for their children and themselves. This interactive workshop includes the following material: • Supporting participants to establish and remain focused on long-term goals • Understanding how our own histories inform our parenting • Understanding anger and tools for self-regulation • Setting limits with compassion and emotional coaching • Developing a practice of self-compassion and self-acceptance • Non-Violent (Compassionate) Communication (NVC) and the application of the tools of NVC to the parenting relationship • Interpersonal Neurobiology, using an interdisciplinary approach to better understand our experiences • Theory of Mindset and support for fostering a growth mindset for both the parent and child • Positive Psychology and the science of well-being

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