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Art Time - Monrovia (website appears outdated, contact for updated information)

Fall is here, time to get creative at Art Time Classes! We are currently running a promotion for all new students. 4 Introductory Fine Art Lessons at Art Time Classes in Monrovia, 4 Classes for $94. 4 Fine Art Lessons to complete within 6 weeks of initial class, no registration and no materials necessary. Classes are one hour and 15 minutes, once a week. First class may be scheduled through the main office at 626-817-9561 or the studio directly 626-359-6777. PO Funds must be approved before first day of class. Non-charter fund payments maybe made before class at the studio with Program Director, Marguerite. Art Time accepts credit cards, checks and cash payments of amount stated. There is no obligation to continue classes, the 4 Introductory Lesson Package provides 4 classes to try out our program without supplies or formal registration at over 25% off regular monthly tuition. We also provide One Free Introductory Lesson to all new students interested in Art Time, and may be applied to the 4 Introductory Lesson Deal Promotion. Sign up today and lets start building those fine art skills!

Contact Marguerite Crooks for more information


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