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Camp de Benneville Sizzling Summer Soiree

August 28 - 30, 2017

Monday 2:00PM through Wednesday 12:00PM

$120 pp with family maximum of $480

(Only first 4 immediate family members are charged and eligible for this pricing)

41750 Jenks Lake Road West, Angelus Oaks, CA 92305

Come join us in the great outdoors of the Angelus Oaks at Camp de Benneville Pines for an end-of-Summer Homeschool Family Camp with Inspire Charter Schools!! Camp de Benneville Pines is an ideal place for families to spend quality time together and renew their bonds with one another. In the midst of the natural beauty of the wilderness, and free from the distractions of constant city noise, people of all ages rediscover the joy of personal interaction with one another. Then too, the Camp is a place where children can run free in a safe environment and learn about the deep connection that exists between humanity and the natural world. Families will enjoy: - Private rooms in cabins for each family. - Indoor bathrooms and showers. - Cafeteria style meals include dinner on Monday, breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner on Tuesday, and breakfast on Wednesday. There are meal options for vegans, vegetarians and those who require a gluten-free diet. - Outdoor archery, swimming pool access, nature scavenger hunts and educational crafts designed around summer themes. - The sizzling summer sun during homeschool family camp!

Important Dietary and Accessibility Notification: The venue, Camp de Benneville Pines, will prepare and serve us three meals per day in their main gathering hall during our stay. These meals are prepared on the property, fresh each day, by camp staff. Options for vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free meals must be noted by families in advance on the camp survey which everyone will receive once they are registered here on Inspiration Station. Family Camp Meal Time Ritual: For each meal, families proceed through the cafeteria line picking for themselves what food they want. This allows families to select the items that work best for their dietary needs. Due to the camp’s food suppliers, food production kitchen and an array of campers that come through their facility Camp de Benneville Pines cannot guarantee a nut free or allergen free facility. There are some simple accommodations that Camp de Benneville Pines can provide families with special dietary restrictions. Families with such restrictions are encouraged to bring their own food and to utilize food storage provided by Camp de Benneville Pines. We advise families with serious dietary restrictions to please supply their own medications and EpiPens as needed. The camp provides first aid on hand in the case of any minor injuries but all serious medical issues and emergencies need to be handled by Emergency Medical Services (911). Camp de Benneville Pines was built prior to ADA laws, and, while they have done their best to accommodate all campers, there are some areas of camp that cannot be accessed by wheelchair. If your family has questions about this trip, it's accessibility or food concerns please contact Catherine Hanna; 562-631-0502 before signing up to discuss.

For direction details click here.

Registrants will receive a separate Google form for meal preferences and cabin placement.

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