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Exploration at the Moxi Museum in Santa Barbara

I had a blast on our field trip to the Moxi museum in Santa Barbara today. Their philosophy is to inspire you to touch and explore the world around you. The minute you walk in, there is a ginormous guitar that you can actually touch the frets and strum. You can then go around the other side and feel what it would be like to sit inside of a guitar and peer out the hole where the sound comes out. Talk about feeling the music in your body!

They had a machine that measured how quietly you could walk. Students could sit down and draw with their finger on a screen and see the image projected onto a larger than life screen. I even practiced trying to move a metal ball "just with my mind". Seriously, I felt a mild headache coming on. I must've been thinking too hard!

The museum has three floors. I spoke with a family who after two hours still hadn't been able to leave the second floor. They were having such a good time designing little wooden cars and then racing them down an adjustable track. On the third floor you could pump water using an old fashioned water pump (very popular with the little ones). There was a large drum that would keep time to your beating heart by holding your hands over the sensors.

I saw an expression of wonder on so many faces. This is a great museum for all ages. The Sparks (that's what they call the museum personnel) say that they've seen many dad's ignoring their kids and getting as much of a kick out of the exhibits as the children. This is not your everyday museum and really is that kind of a fun place.

This was the second field trip Inspire has hosted to the Moxi and I'm sure they will be many more.

Carie Sipka is an Inspire Family Liaison serving the Ventura county area.

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