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We are excited to launch the 2019-20 school year!  During the year you can expect Homeschool Concierge to broaden our horizons and ensure that we are offering a full service concierge service to all homeschoolers, no matter where they originate from.  We plan to launch:


  • Amazing field trips for all students, with customized trips for students receiving SPED services

  • Cross county and international trips

  • Online and in-person classes 

  • Full service virtual high school consulting 

  • Virtual workshops for parents and students

  • FREE community building events (no charter solicitation permitted)


All families are required to register with Homeschool Concierge before utilizing our services.  Please email, you will be provided with the following items need to complete registration:


Once we receive your completed registration packet we will send you a link to our ordering system.  This system allows you to place orders with any of our Affiliated Vendors and track your available funds.

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