Everything you need to complete these 2 crafts is included in this kit.


Painted River Rock Photo/Art Holder

This fun kit has all the supplies to make a sweet photo or art display stand! You can paint your rock as desired, then wrap your rock with wire. Next, you will add colorful wooden beads and make a coil around a pencil. Pop in a photo, postcard, or piece of artwork to display on this nature stand you made!


Seed Bombs

This nature kit has ingredients to make colorful seed bombs to help keep the bees busy! First you will mix paper pulp, hibiscus powder (for a fun pop of color), and wildflower seeds with water. Toss these wildflower balls out in nature wherever your heart desires! Let them dry out and save for walks to add life wherever you go or use them right after making in your garden!

River Rock & Seed Bomb Nature Kit

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