This membership is per registered student.


The membership includes:

  • 4 seasonal online workshop (each class has 6 sessions) plus a Homeschool Concierge badge upon completion of the online workshops
  • Live q&a sessions with our instructor Heather Drake
  • Nature Nerds t-shirt
  • Priority reservations for in-field workshops
  • Students will have ample work samples, hands-on activities and much more


Online Workshops are 6 weeks long, seasonally themed workshops that include a new class session each week. The classes are “flex classes” that do not require a set meeting time and can be worked into the student’s schedule. The Instructor will also offer 2 hours of live office hours a week to answer any questions students may have about the assignments. Two sessions designed for different age ranges will be available. (K-3rd & 4th-8th). Each workshop includes 2 additional weeks for make-up assignments for a total of 8 weeks to complete each workshop.


Workshops will focus on basic naturalist education (such as why leaves change colors, etc..) as well as outdoor living skills (such as hiking safety) and nature art and/or STEAM projects. The curriculum is designed to be done in any environment (as long as you have access to an outdoor area) and any materials needed will be common school supplies and/or household items. The classes will be fun and challenging but accessible. Additional support will be available to any student who needs it. Assignments can be turned in to Charter Schools to satisfy Science work samples for K-8th Grades.

Nature Nerds Annual Membership

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