Everything you need to complete these 2 crafts is included in this kit.


Lavender Embroidery Dream Pillow Kit

This kit is a beautiful nature craft kit! You will find supplies to embroider a sweet lavender design on the front of your fabric. Next, you can sew up the sides and fill with fresh loose lavender and fluffy wool roving before closing up the pillow with your final stitches. Place this under your pillow at night to help relax you into a peaceful slumber. 


Beeswax Walnut Heart Necklace

Isn’t nature special?! These sweet walnut shells have a heart naturally hidden inside! Warm and bend the beeswax clay (Stockmar) to add in the heart-shaped opening of the walnut for a gorgeous display to add to the waxed cotton necklace!

Lavender & Beeswax Nature Kit

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