All materials are included for each craft in this kit.


Beeswax Candle Rolling Kit with Wooden Candle Holder

This sweet kit is great for little hands! Make your own beeswax candles. The colors of the rainbow are so vibrant! The wooden candle holder can be left plain or add watercolors or beeswax crayon designs to it! There are enough for 7 candles, with wick, and wooden candle holder. 


Lavender Sachet Kit

Harvest your own Lavender from wild-grown lavender! You will receive a bunch of dried lavender, you can remove from the plant to have loose lavender to fill your sachet after you hand stitch your fabric squares together. This kit comes with enough to make three sachets. You can make gifts for friends and family, freshen up a drawer, hang in your car, put under your pillow for a relaxing night. Please note, fabric prints may vary.

Beeswax Candle & Lavender Sachet Nature Kit

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