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Can I, as a parent or guardian, use my student’s funds to attend the field trip?

This depends on your charter school’s policy, some schools allow it and others do not.


Policies for schools we are currently approved with:

Frequently Asked Questions

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions below! 

General FAQs
How do I reserve space for my family to attend an event or field trip?


Choose the field trip or event you would like to attend.


At the bottom of the event or field trip information page, there is a link that says to "CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO", click that and you will be taken to our third party ticket system. Please be sure to read the full description carefully as it contains pertinent information about the event.


Please choose your ticket types and fill in all of the required fields.


When you are registering there is an option to add the event or field trip to your calendar, please be sure you add the event or field trip to your family calendar so you will not book anything else that may interfere with your reservation.



Can my student use their Charter School funds to pay for the trip?

Yes, as long as Homeschool Concierge is listed as an approved vendor with your Charter School.


See the bottom of this page for charter specific FAQs for those schools.



What if my Charter School isn't one of the schools you are approved with?


We are working on obtaining approval at additional charters so please check back for updates.


You may be able to help get us on your school’s approved vendor list. Every school has a different process for vendor approval and quite a few now require that families request through their school that a vendor is added.


If you want us to be added to your school’s approved vendor list please let them know and your school's vendor approval applications can be emailed to us at



How many adult chaperones can my family reserve tickets for?


You can reserve tickets for as many adults as you want to bring on the trip, the adult chaperone limit applies only to adults/chaperone tickets purchased using charter school funds for their spaces.


Please note that sometimes the venue has a different policy, in which case the adult chaperone limit will be stated in the field trips info page.

*If you plan on using funds for your adult chaperone tickets, please refer to your school's policies before placing your order.



Can I pay for the trip myself if I do not want to use school funds or have no funds left?


Yes, please select your ticket types and follow the prompts to enter your family details, and payment method.



What happens if my Charter School student does not have enough Instructional Funds to pay for the tickets I have ordered?


Families are responsible for orders placed.


PayPal invoices will be sent to families who signed up using Charter School Instructional Funds if it is found that:


  • The student/child is not currently enrolled in the Charter School.

  • The student/child does not have sufficient funds.

  • The student/child signed up more adult/chaperones than allowed by their enrolled charter school's policy.


If the PayPal invoices are not paid within 24 hours the family's reservation will be canceled and their spots will be given to the next family on the waitlist.

Can I attend an event or field trip if I am not enrolled in a public charter school?


Yes, our events and field trips are open to all homeschoolers. There may be an occasion where we offer a private trip for one school, one teacher, or one particular group, but these will be set up as “private” and will require a link to access.



Why are some of the Events and Field Trip prices higher than the prices on the venue website?

Even though Homeschool Concierge is a non-profit it does not mean that there are no costs associated with running the programs we offer our community. The fees you are seeing are real costs associated with running group events and field trips.


These costs may include but are not limited to:


  • Insurance

  • Web hosting

  • Web development and maintenance 

  • Professional ticketing service

  • Professional accounting services

  • Postage and Shipping

  • Business licenses

  • Filing fees

  • Office supplies

  • Staff

  • Etc. 


Eventbrite transaction fees as posted on the event ticket-info are being passed onto attendees through the ticket price.


Prices for some field trips were set by our partner hosts who organize and lead the events or field trips for our community.



The reservation/ticket says free, is this ticket/reservation free?


Yes, we have many field trips and events that are free to attend.



If I'm using Instructional Funds, do I need to place my order here on or with my Charter School's ordering system?


It depends. Everyone must sign up for our events and field trips using our third-party ticketing system through the links found here on


However, depending on your Charter School, you may need to take additional steps to use your Instructional Funds.


Specific instructions for each of our approved Charter Schools are listed at the bottom of this page.



How do I know that I have reserved a space for the event I want to attend?


After you register for your spaces through you will receive an automated email confirmation, from Eventbrite, with the event or field trip details and your ticket choices. Please look it over to confirm you are signed up for the correct event or field trip with the correct ticket types.


If you find any issues please contact the trip host as soon as possible for any changes you need. Please be on the lookout for messages from the host before the day of the event or field trip for any updates they may have for you.



How do I communicate special requests I may have?


Your event or field trip host is happy to help you with anything you need and can help get answers from the venue that you may need to best accommodate your family.


Your host will be sending out reminder details as the event or field trip gets close but please feel free to contact your host at any time for anything you may need.

Communication is key to having a successful event or field trip!!



Do I need to bring a print out of my reservation, ticket or any proof with me?


No, please just bring yourselves. There will be a staff member on site to meet you who will have a list of attendee names for the event or field trip.


You will need to check in with them at the designated time indicated in the event or field trip description and on the reminders.



Can I attend on a different date, time, location, planet, or space-time continuum?




Our events and field trips are booked at the venues as “school groups” and they are reserved for a designated day and time. If you do not show up at the specified time, you will not be able to get in and no refunds can be given.



Can I receive a refund or cancel my order?


Families may cancel and receive a full refund while the event or field trip registration is still open on


If you need to cancel while the field trip registration is open please log in to your Eventbrite account, look under your account for your tickets, open the ticket you are requesting to cancel and request a cancellation using the blue “Cancel Order” button on the left.


See image:


If you have any issues or need additional help please email the host listed on the event or field trip and they can help arrange a cancellation.


Once the field trip registration has closed there are no cancellations or refunds available because at that point the final numbers and payment have been submitted to the venue.

If you have an extenuating circumstance after the cancellation period has ended please contact the event or field trip host.



If on the day of the trip we have an emergency or something comes up and we cannot attend what should I do?


Please send a text message or place a call to the host listed for the event or field trip as soon as possible to let them know that you are not able to make it.


We understand that things happen fast and you may not be able to text or call until later in the day, but it is important that you let us know why you were not able to attend. We do track the families that do not show up for each trip.


If the same family “no-shows” with no communication 3 times then that family is added to our “no-show watchlist” and will be moved to the “waitlist” of the next trip they sign up for, and contacted by the host. After proving that they can attend and communicate for three (3) trips their name will be removed from the “no-show watchlist”


Please know that we have added this policy because having multiple families “no-show” impacts our relationship with venues, can cause some venues to cancel portions of our visit and takes up valuable space for events and field trips that other families are waiting to attend.



Can I pack snacks or lunches for my family to eat the day of the event?


If you plan on bringing lunches or snacks with you to one of our events or field trips, please check the details of the event to ensure food is allowed.


Due to the severity of peanut and nut allergy amongst some of our students we ask that you please leave your peanuts and nuts at home to enjoy when you return.



Do we need to turn in a work sample for each field trip we attend?


We encourage you to share your field trip experience with your charter school teacher at your next learning period. Turning in a work sample that is linked to the educational concepts covered during one of our events or field trips helps to highlight the value of the learning that takes place in the world all around us.


If you are looking for ideas to extend the learning before or after the trip, we have a Pinterest page to share activity ideas. Please feel free to add your own ideas to our boards.




If after reading through the event or field trip info page, communications from the event host, and this FAQ page you still have a question, please contact the host listed on the event you have questions about. They are the only one able to answer questions about that specific event or field trip.


Inspire Charter School Specific FAQs
In addition to signing up through Inspiration Station, do I need to take any additional steps with Inspire to secure my spot(s) for this event or field trip?


Yes. please fill out and bring the Inspire Mega Waiver the day of the event- one per family. Please make sure you include the names of everyone in your family that is attending the event or field trip. 



Do I need to have an Enrichment Certificate from Inspire?


Yes, all Inspire students must to submit a service order for their teacher to approve along with registering for an event/field trip using the Homeschool Concierge Eventbrite page.  All students must be accompanied by a registered adult/chaperone.



Adult or Chaperone Reservation Policy

All students/children must be accompanied by a registered adult/chaperone.  Some field trips or events will be FREE for adults/chaperones and others will have a fee for attendance and participation.  Adult/chaperone fees must be paid for out of pocket unless your charter school has pre-approved the cost of your ticket.

Thank You

Happy Field Tripping!

If you have general questions please email​​​​​​

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